Online Marketing for a New Business

Times are crazy out there in the business world (again), and if this time turns out to be anything like the last time (probably) we are going to see lots of new businesses opening up. Folks will decide to take their careers into their own hands.

Existing businesses will decide they really need to do this online marketing thing. For real.

Everyone will need to start somewhere, and we think a great place to start is with Constant Contact. Known historically for a great, easy-to-use email marketing product, look what else they offer:

  • Social Media Posting Tools
  • Social Media Advertising Tools
  • Email Automation
  • Website Builder
  • Domain Registration
  • eCommerce Engine
  • Logo Maker
  • SEO Tool

Pretty much everything necessary to get going. All for a great price. Plus they have great live support and a vast library of how-to documentation. Perfect for starting up and testing the waters.

Even better, you can start with a free trial. Click the button below to get started!

We’re happy to help answer questions. If you’d rather study-up on your own, we’ve created this Email-Basics reference. It covers some of the marketing fundamentals you need to keep in mind, as well as some best-practices for marketing with email. It will give you more than enough to get started.