Microsoft 365

For most size businesses, Microsoft 365  is the best way to get the software you need to run your organization. You can’t go wrong with an industry leader like Microsoft. One of the benefits is that small businesses get exactly the same tools as large businesses.  This  helps if you are a small business that needs to look big and work with corporate clients – communications between organizations are smooth and seamless.

Microsoft Office 365 Apps
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Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Cloud storage for everyone with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Email accounts. Video calls, presentation sharing, and screen sharing all adds up to powerful remote collaboration with Teams. Very secure. Compliance tools and features, particularly important for financial advisors.

Microsoft never stops innovating and upgrading Microsoft 365. The features you get are really amazing – all for a great price. 

Selecting the right license might be a little confusing. Microsoft offers guidelines based on the number of users, but that isn’t always the right selection. If you have a question, reach out via the contact form on the Who We Work With page.

If you are starting from scratch, like a new business, you can probably figure out the setup for yourself. If you have an existing business that you want to migrate to Microsoft 365, you will probably need some help.  That’s where we come in. (Of course, we will help a new business, too).

We’ll set you up. We use a great online tool that migrates your existing email accounts into Microsoft 365.  We can also help you maintain it afterward, including cloud backup. We’re project-oriented for this, meaning one price to get you going. If you want a paid monthly maintenance plan, we’ll refer you out.  But if you are tech-savvy and want to maintain it yourself, that’s okay, too. In that case, we are the ideal set-up and migration partner for you.

We’re a Microsoft Partner. We’ve done many, many migrations over the years, from single-person firms to companies with hundreds of users.