Office 365

Remember we help businesses with technology, right? Well, for most size businesses, Office 365 from Microsoft is the best way to get the software you need to run things.

Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Cloud storage for everyone with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Email accounts. Very secure. Compliance tools and features.

Plus ways to work better (collaborate) with Teams and Skype for Business. Did you know you can do video, share presentations, and run all your phones through Skype for Business? No kidding.

Microsoft never stops innovating and upgrading Office 365. The features you get are really amazing – all for one low price.

We’ll set you up. Migrate your existing situation into Office 365. And help you maintain it afterwards. We’re project oriented for this, meaning one price to get you going. If you want a paid monthly maintenance plan, we’ll refer you out. If you want to maintain it yourself, that’s okay, too, and that makes us the ideal set-up partner for you.

We’re a Microsoft Partner. That’s important to know.

Microsoft Office 365 Partner