Email Marketing | Marketing Automation

Mostly, we help businesses automate their sales funnel, from leads at the top through most of the qualification process. We specialize in email marketing and marketing & sales automation.

We run complete programs, including strategy, design, implementation, content creation, and execution. That means we take a thorough look at your marketing needs and put together a comprehensive marketing program.

We’ll put you on the platform that matches your budget, strategy, and program Constant Contact Certified Partner 2020 2021sophistication. For more email-centric programs, that could be Constant Contact, Emma, Robly, or MailChimp. We’re partners for all of them.

In an intermediate situation, we automate and integrate with “connector” tools like Zapier or Flow. These are great tools that allow a lot to be accomplished for not a lot of money.

For more comprehensive marketing, CRM, and sales automation programs we’ll use fully-featured platforms like Keap or Infusionsoft.Keap Certified Partner logo Keap is targeted to the solo or small-team business, Infusionsoft for larger teams, ecommerce, or more sophisticated applications. We’re partners for these platforms, too.

Speaking of sales (were we?), we have partners that can teach you to cold call effectively, manage your sales teams better, and close more deals. Marketers consider that the ‘bottom of the funnel’, but the rest of the business world knows that as ‘top-line revenue’. We’d be remiss if we left part of the sales funnel unattended to.

Let’s not forget content. We are an excellent writing shop, with a deep bench of writing talent. (Yes, a mixed metaphor). Customer-centric content, written in the voice of the client. Key words and phrases are included in the content, but never placed in the way of telling a good story. We admire the Oxford comma, and deplore any attempt by a dependent clause to lead when it clearly should follow.

We also provide everything else marketing through our agency partners. LinkedIn, social media, SEO, PR, graphic design,  photography, video, market research, website development; everything. Not billboards directly, but we probably know a guy….

(By the way, none of this website is their fault).