Digital Marketing Programs

We help businesses just like yours market themselves online. We understand the real goal for business owners is sales, and there are tools that bridge the marketing-sales gap. We do this by focusing on automating the sales funnel as much as possible, from leads at the top through most of the qualification process. The output: qualified leads that are more ready to buy.

Likes and shares are fine, but we come from sales and we come from management, so we know what needs to get done at the end of the day. And it has to have a measurable ROI.

Complete Digital Marketing Programs

We create complete programs, including strategy, design, implementation, content creation & publishing, and execution. That means we take a thorough look at your business and marketing needs and put together a comprehensive marketing program. We’ll find out what matters and build the well-oiled marketing machine to get it done.

We’ll put you on the email marketing platform that matches your budget, strategy, and business Constant Contact Partner Certification needs. For more straightforward, email-centric programs, that could be Constant Contact, Emma, Robly, or MailChimp. We’re partners for all of them.

In addition to sharing your content and messaging by email-based tools, we also offer text marketing services. You have to be careful with permission, but it is a really powerful way to reach your customers.  Let us show you how simple and affordable it is.

Need to get one platform “talking” to another platform in your marketing tech stack? We automate and integrate with “connector” tools like Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate/Flow for clients with more complex applications. These are great tools that allow a lot to be accomplished for not a lot of money.

Essentially, we can find a way to get it done for you.

Online Marketing for a New Business

Just starting up?  Our services on this page might be more than you need. Check out our Online Marketing for a New Business page. It talks about the all-inclusive platform from Constant Contact that is perfect for a new business.

Integrated Marketing & Sales Automation

For more comprehensive marketing, CRM, and sales automation programs we use SharpSpring, an extremely well-functioning and comprehensive integrated sales & marketing platform. Generally shortened to Marketing Automation, but more accurately described as a Revenue Growth platform, SharpSpring has both strategic and tactical value for a business.

Strategically, it allows a business to leverage the growing AI-based capabilities of the big online advertising platforms and continue to develop their own customer acquisition expertise. CEOs and business owners recognize this as a critical capability, part of which needs to remain in-house. More than one business has seen its acquisition model disrupted by changes from the big online ad platforms in response to other pressures. We have an article on the strategy you might want to read.

Tactically, it allows a business to improve sales funnel throughput and tracking. This drives better results across the sales function, as well as providing a demonstrable ROI for your marketing efforts. Other key benefits from automating more of the top-of-funnel activities are better-qualified prospects, shorter funnel transit times, and more productive use of your most expensive sales resource; the account rep.

We are an agency partner for SharpSpring. We chose this platform because it is wonderfully complete, not too expensive, and a platform that can scale up with you. And with the recent announcement that SharpSpring has been acquired by Constant Contact (which itself was recently spun off from its corporate parent), we are very excited about the combination of these two innovative and entrepreneurial companies. You should be, too!

Content Creation

Let’s not forget the content. We are an excellent writing shop, with a deep bench of editorial talent.  Precision, customer-centric content, written in the voice of the client. Composed in a way that expresses the authentic, unique, differentiators of a business.

Keywords and phrases are included in the content but never placed in the way of telling a good story. We admire the Oxford comma and deplore any attempt by a dependent clause to improperly assert a leadership role.

We also provide pretty much everything else “online-marketing” through our agency partners:

      • LinkedIn
      • Social media
      • SEO/SEM
      • PR
      • Graphic design
      • Photography
      • Video
      • Market research
      • Websites