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Welcome. We are LucidPointe, a Digital Marketing Agency and Microsoft Partner located on the Connecticut shoreline in Darien with clients across the U.S. We started the business in 2009, but we’ve been doing marketing, sales, and operations for a lot longer – long enough to know what we are doing.

Marketing Services

Marketing is about creating stronger, closer business connections. Precise language, used well, has the power to generate interest and desire, to convince, to express what makes a business authentically unique and different. To resonate. To draw people and prospects closer. To create those business connections that lead to sales.

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Our Marketing services begin with content; using precise, powerful language and imagery. Content is distributed via digital platforms, including social media and email marketing, and span through to marketing & sales automation. We work with businesses large and small, and can help focus your marketing efforts into more sales opportunities.

Efficiency is key; a business really benefits from simplifying the marketing tech stack and automating as much of the sales funnel as possible. Opportunities won’t fall through the cracks and the cost of acquisition is reduced. Marketing & sales automation helps accomplish all that. We’ll put you into the email-to-automation continuum where it makes the most sense for your business.

Marry an efficient program on the right platforms with great content and you’ve got marketing that works.

Untangle Your Online Marketing


You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.  Here is some of what we’ve done for clients:

    • Recruited attorneys and former college athletes to become financial advisors
    • Helped financial advisors grow their AUM with custom (i.e. not cookie-cutter) content that passes compliance
    • Introduced dealer/distributorship opportunities in the U.S. and around the world for major international brands
    • Promoted very technical components and systems to engineers
    • Sold paint
    • Built referral and patient bases for medical practices and home health care agencies
    • Sold garage doors
    • Promoted electric vehicles (not that one, but another one).

None of this is pizza or donuts. It is generally very cool, complex stuff. Like your cool stuff.

Digital Necessity

The Cloud Services portion of our offering is Microsoft 365, arguably the greatest innovation for business productivity we’ve seen. Microsoft 365 is constantly updated and upgraded, with features (like co-authoring documents) and applications (like Teams) that integrate with each other and can really transform how you work. The right Microsoft 365 license helps keep RIAs 17-a and 4510 compliant. We can also help you back up your Office 365 data so you can sleep at night.

For more information on any of our services or to begin a dialog, fill out the form below.  We’ll be in touch.

Digital Marketing Programs

We help businesses just like yours market themselves online. We understand the real goal for business owners is sales, and there are tools that bridge the marketing-sales gap. We do this by focusing on automating the sales funnel as much as possible, from leads at the top through most of the qualification process. The output: qualified leads that are more ready to buy.

Likes and shares are fine, but we come from sales and we come from management, so we know what needs to get done at the end of the day. And it has to have a measurable ROI.

Complete Digital Marketing Programs

We create complete programs, including strategy, design, implementation, content creation & publishing, and execution. That means we take a thorough look at your business and marketing needs and put together a comprehensive marketing program. We’ll find out what matters and build the well-oiled marketing machine to get it done.

We’ll put you on the email marketing platform that matches your budget, strategy, and business Constant Contact Partner Certification needs. For more straightforward, email-centric programs, that could be Constant Contact, Emma, Robly, or MailChimp. We’re partners for all of them.

In addition to sharing your content and messaging by email-based tools, we also offer text marketing services. You have to be careful with permission, but it is a really powerful way to reach your customers.  Let us show you how simple and affordable it is.

Need to get one platform “talking” to another platform in your marketing tech stack? We automate and integrate with “connector” tools like Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate/Flow for clients with more complex applications. These are great tools that allow a lot to be accomplished for not a lot of money.

Essentially, we can find a way to get it done for you.

Online Marketing for a New Business

Just starting up?  Our services on this page might be more than you need. Check out our Online Marketing for a New Business page. It talks about the all-inclusive platform from Constant Contact that is perfect for a new business.

Integrated Marketing & Sales Automation

For more comprehensive marketing, CRM, and sales automation programs we use SharpSpring, an extremely well-functioning and comprehensive integrated sales & marketing platform. Generally shortened to Marketing Automation, but more accurately described as a Revenue Growth platform, SharpSpring has both strategic and tactical value for a business.

Strategically, it allows a business to leverage the growing AI-based capabilities of the big online advertising platforms and continue to develop their own customer acquisition expertise. CEOs and business owners recognize this as a critical capability, part of which needs to remain in-house. More than one business has seen its acquisition model disrupted by changes from the big online ad platforms in response to other pressures. We have an article on the strategy you might want to read.

Tactically, it allows a business to improve sales funnel throughput and tracking. This drives better results across the sales function, as well as providing a demonstrable ROI for your marketing efforts. Other key benefits from automating more of the top-of-funnel activities are better-qualified prospects, shorter funnel transit times, and more productive use of your most expensive sales resource; the account rep.

We are an agency partner for SharpSpring. We chose this platform because it is wonderfully complete, not too expensive, and a platform that can scale up with you. And with the recent announcement that SharpSpring has been acquired by Constant Contact (which itself was recently spun off from its corporate parent), we are very excited about the combination of these two innovative and entrepreneurial companies. You should be, too!

Content Creation

Let’s not forget the content. We are an excellent writing shop, with a deep bench of editorial talent.  Precision, customer-centric content, written in the voice of the client. Composed in a way that expresses the authentic, unique, differentiators of a business.

Keywords and phrases are included in the content but never placed in the way of telling a good story. We admire the Oxford comma and deplore any attempt by a dependent clause to improperly assert a leadership role.

We also provide pretty much everything else “online-marketing” through our agency partners:

      • LinkedIn
      • Social media
      • SEO/SEM
      • PR
      • Graphic design
      • Photography
      • Video
      • Market research
      • Websites

Online Marketing for a New Business

Most new business owners realize that a Digital First, Digital Forward approach to their marketing is not only a necessity these days, it is the only way they are going to get launched and get successful.

We are big fans of integrated platforms with multiple functions all under one roof that are designed to work together. You should be a fan of this, too.

Constant Contact: A Great Place to Start

We think a great place to start is with Constant Contact. Known historically for a great, easy-to-use email marketing product, look what else they offer:

  • Social Media Posting Tools
  • Social Media Advertising Tools
  • Email Automation
  • Website Builder
  • Domain Registration
  • eCommerce Engine
  • Logo Maker
  • SEO Tool

That’s pretty much everything necessary for a small business to get going. All for a great price. Plus they have great live support and a vast library of how-to documentation. Perfect for starting up and testing the waters.

A great example of that documentation is their Making Sense of Online Marketing guide. Click here to download your copy.

If you are ready to get started, click the image below to sign up for a Free Trial.

Starting Bigger

If you are starting off with a more substantial presence – like a financial advisory firm with a solid book – your marketing will probably need a little more horsepower. Fortunately, we’ve got the ponies….reach out via the Contact form and let’s set up a time to talk.

Microsoft 365

For most size businesses, Microsoft 365  is the best way to get the software you need to run your organization. You can’t go wrong with an industry leader like Microsoft. One of the benefits is that small businesses get exactly the same tools as large businesses.  This  helps if you are a small business that needs to look big and work with corporate clients – communications between organizations are smooth and seamless.

Microsoft Office 365 Apps
These logos all belong to Microsoft.

Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Cloud storage for everyone with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Email accounts. Video calls, presentation sharing, and screen sharing all adds up to powerful remote collaboration with Teams. Very secure. Compliance tools and features, particularly important for financial advisors.

Microsoft never stops innovating and upgrading Microsoft 365. The features you get are really amazing – all for a great price. 

Selecting the right license might be a little confusing. Microsoft offers guidelines based on the number of users, but that isn’t always the right selection. If you have a question, reach out via the contact form on the Who We Work With page.

If you are starting from scratch, like a new business, you can probably figure out the setup for yourself. If you have an existing business that you want to migrate to Microsoft 365, you will probably need some help.  That’s where we come in. (Of course, we will help a new business, too).

We’ll set you up. We use a great online tool that migrates your existing email accounts into Microsoft 365.  We can also help you maintain it afterward, including cloud backup. We’re project-oriented for this, meaning one price to get you going. If you want a paid monthly maintenance plan, we’ll refer you out.  But if you are tech-savvy and want to maintain it yourself, that’s okay, too. In that case, we are the ideal set-up and migration partner for you.

We’re a Microsoft Partner. We’ve done many, many migrations over the years, from single-person firms to companies with hundreds of users.

Who We Work With

(That’s “With Whom We Work” for English majors…)

Our technology and operations backgrounds mean we have an affinity for the thinkers, the clinicians, the scientists. We work very well with technical, legal, financial, and medical clients. We love working with engineers, manufacturers, software companies, builders, architects, accountants, and consultants. And they love working with us.

We process information the same way.  We are linear thinkers. We speak the same language.  This means we can translate your language into the language your customers need to hear, which is a marketing must.

Our agency is a well-oiled machine. Clients are comforted by the attention to detail, the fact that nothing falls through the cracks, and are confident their work is being accomplished on time.

Small businesses like us because we’re a small business and we understand. Big businesses like us because of our significant corporate tenure and we present complete,  end-to-end programs.  Global businesses like us because we have a background there and other global clients, too.

Intrigued? Need some help? Want to talk marketing with a linear thinker? Fill out the contact us form below and let’s begin a dialog.